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Preview our Autumn/Winter Collections

Frank Wright AW15 collection It’s time to start thinking about your new season footwear; the Frank Wright AW15 collection is nearly here! As you’ve come to expect, our seasonal collection of shoes and boots is versatile, stylish and easy to work into your autumn/winter wardrobe. Offering a sleek mix of men’s boots ready for the winter months, key styles include workman, desert, military inspired and chukka boots, available in a fantastic selection of leathers and suedes. This season you’ll also find a new range of Frank Wright sneakers, the hybrid... Read More


A gentleman’s formal footwear fact file: Derby v. Oxford

When it comes to choosing the ideal footwear to sharpen up your attire, our trusty fact file will simply explain all you need to know! Discover the difference between the classic Derby and Oxford shoe styles, and decide which is right for your formal scenario – courtesy of Frank Wright…        


Business Buff: Footwear to suit your suit

Sometimes the occasion calls for us to smarten up: whether you have an important meeting, a job interview, or simply need to refresh your work attire. Frank Wright brings you some fresh footwear essentials for perfecting your business appeal…     Featuring a sleek, rich colour and polished finish, our Stein Black Leather Oxford Style Shoe is ideal for adding classic style to your suit. Highly versatile and suited to both business and formal attire, these are an undisputed wardrobe staple to cater for every suit-and-tie scenario.     With... Read More


The chilled appeal: Smart-casual footwear for your occasion

Laidback days spent making the most of your free time call for effortlessly easy style. To help you out, we bring you some essential Frank Wright footwear to refresh your casual footwear collection…   With textured black oxide leather contrasting multi-tonal, light soles, our Barnet Chukka Boot features an easy-wearing ankle design and emanates effortlessly contemporary style. Ideal for teaming with practically any casual outfit due to a highly versatile colour combination and everyday style, from jeans to chinos, this boot will complete both the laidback and smart-casual look.  ... Read More


Your Trend: The Chukka Boot

With the winds of autumn promising to chill the air in the (unfortunately) not too distant future, the time for refreshing your footwear collection in favour of the new season is almost upon you. Our trim Smith Black Leather Chukka Boot has been in high demand in recent weeks, and with this boot proving to be a wardrobe staple for the autumnal weather, we explore just why it is so appealing… Becoming a wardrobe staple in England during the 1950’s, the iconic Chukka Boot remains a contemporary style within the... Read More


Top grooming tips: Our guide to looking dapper

Gentlemen, the date for taking pride in your appearance has been set. With International Men’s Grooming Day fast approaching – it’s on the 21st August, for those who are unaware – we bring you our simple Frank Wright top tips for getting your masculine appeal in tip top condition…   Eyebrows frame your face and, if left to grow overly unruly, can be one of the biggest giveaways as to whether or not you take pride in your personal appearance. By no means are we suggesting that you pluck your... Read More


Update your footwear: Styles for every summer occasion

  As the weather warms up and with it comes a whole host of summer scenarios that you may soon be getting involved with, we bring you the top footwear choices to suit every occasion…                                       Wedding entourage The Oxford Shoe is reputed for being one of the most formal footwear available for men, and the Derby Shoe is its slightly less formal brother. Both shoes will more than suffice for a... Read More


Father’s day: Give the gift of good style

From weathering your tantrums to teaching you how to shave your new-found stubble for the very first time, your dad deserves a big thank you for everything he’s done for you over the years. So with father’s day coming up on 21st June, get yourself ready to say thank you through our gift-worthy footwear… For fathers who prefer to go for the traditional, smart gentleman appeal, a pair of Oxford Shoes is ideal in that they are the undisputed formal footwear for men. Featuring a closed lacing system and a... Read More


How to survive a music festival: The five worst scenarios to avoid

Donning the hippy lifestyle as you spend a long weekend immersed in a music festival is a liberating, incredible experience, and one thing that can be said for certain is this: what happens when you get there is entirely unpredictable. Do a festival right and it will be an experience that stays with you for all the right reasons; do it wrong, and the consequences will be real. So to put you in good stead as festival season kicks off, we bring you our top five scenarios to avoid –... Read More


Current trend by you: The Derby Shoe

  Throughout the spring, a highly sought after product at Frank Wright has been our handsome Busby Black Leather Derby Shoe. Emanating understated style with a clean-cut, simple design and a classically subtle contrast between the polished black leather and matt tan sole, it is not difficult to understand why these are in such high demand. Let’s take a closer look at just why they are so popular, and let us introduce you to some other Derby desirables…   An age-old wardrobe staple Initially worn as sporting and hunting boots,... Read More