Your Trend: The Chukka Boot

With the winds of autumn promising to chill the air in the (unfortunately) not too distant future, the time for refreshing your footwear collection in favour of the new season is almost upon you. Our trim Smith Black Leather Chukka Boot has been in high demand in recent weeks, and with this boot proving to be a wardrobe staple for the autumnal weather, we explore just why it is so appealing…

Smith Black Leather Chukka Boot FINAL

Becoming a wardrobe staple in England during the 1950’s, the iconic Chukka Boot remains a contemporary style within the male footwear fashion industry to this day. Recognised by their ankle length cut, plain toe design, and two or three eyelets for laces, the Chukka Boot features an open lacing system – much like the open lacing system found in the Derby Shoe. Chukkas are a slightly more sleek and formal option than the Desert Boot which is so closely associated with the style. Likewise, suede Chukkas tend to be viewed as more casual whilst those crafted from polished leather emanate a more formal appeal.
Featuring handsome, sheen black leather and contrasting camel sole which makes for a highly versatile look, the Smith Chukka Boot is an ideal option for those in search of a go-to pair of boots for both casual and business occasions alike. The smart-casual appeal of the boot means that they team well with both laidback and semi-formal looks: the black under-heel along with red stitch detailing and discreet ‘1885’ Frank Wright emblem across the sole are subtly striking and combine to make for a standout boot. Furthermore, the open lacing system, quality tan lining and supple leather upper ensures ultimate comfort for the wearer.
To put it simply, if you want to explore the autumnal outdoors and refresh your smart-casual attire in style this upcoming season, the Smith Black Leather Chukka Boot is a footwear essential for you!



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