Shoes Make The Man

Shoes Make The ManShoes are one of the most important elements in a man’s wardrobe. But when it comes to the final look, just how significant is footwear and do shoes really make the man? We surveyed 1000 of customers, predominantly men, to find out what impact a good pair of shoes really has on a man’s sense of style. When does footwear matter the most?
chart_481% say footwear is the most important part of a man’s outfit. We are surrounded by fashion every day. Whether you make a conscious effort to keep up with the latest trends or not, there is no escaping it in your day to day routine. With the influx of social media platforms, bloggers, celebrities and not forgetting street style, how does the everyday man dress to impress?

We asked our customers in which situation is it most vital for a man to wear good quality footwear. The majority – 36% – said that footwear was most important on a first date. This was followed by interviews, with 22% of the vote. In contrast dinner with a partner received just 5% – there’s a suggestion here that men use footwear to make a good first impression – a good pair of shoes is the easiest way to make an lasting impact.


If confidence is key and good footwear is vital, how do you know if you are wearing the right pair for you? Style is of course a personal thing, but with the influence of social media, celebrities and fashion publications alike, are we biased about what is and isn’t on trend? It is obvious that the modern man feels that good quality footwear is vital on those first encounters, but which style should you go for?

When asked which style of footwear is the most impressive on a man, 46% of our respondents said that brogues implied a man was not only confident but also well put together. Oxfords are another a popular choice for those looking to impress with 22% stating this style was most impressive. This is significant as it shows the modern man does feel better and more confident whilst wearing timeless, good quality footwear – clearly, brogues and Oxfords are classics for a reason. It is interesting to see that although men are influenced by fashion on a daily basis, original fashion pieces do still come out on top. At the other end of the results, our customers stated that more casual looks – trainers, loafers and boat shoes did not give them the same sense of confidence.

most_impressive_footwearWhen it comes to men’s fashion, style starts from the shoes up. It has to be said that no matter how on trend you dress, if the footwear isn’t right, it’s time to start again. A huge 90% agreed that shoes show attention to detail, and if a man doesn’t pay attention to his shoes, there’s a suggestion that he doesn’t pay attention to much else:


A huge 89% stated that good footwear is an efficient way to smarten up an outfit – it’s not your jeans that count, or that blazer – shoes are the easiest way to pull up an entire look.  chart_5

A massive 85% of people admit that they have judged a man negatively for wearing poor footwear. The majority of interviews and first dates can be over before they have even begun if you’re not dressed to impress. It’s important to make sure you get your footwear right the first time around.


And footwear is clearly important for the opposite sex too. A massive 83% said that a man’s footwear is one of the key things a woman notices. Our results suggest that a man who invests in good footwear comes across more confident, more together, which might explain the appeal to the opposite sex. 

chart_1Our results prove that the shoes really do make the man. So next time you step out of the house, prepare for an interview or get ready for a first date, ask yourself – what does my footwear really say about me? Now’s the time to put your best foot forward and start making those all important stylish first impressions. 

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