James Bond – The Ultimate Style Icon

By Guest Blogger: Alex Willis

The British film industry has laid claim to many of the most popular franchises that have hit the big screen from the witchcraft and wizardry of Harry Potter to the comedic genius of Monty Python. These films may divide opinion but one franchise that has been a constant hit, not just in Britain but worldwide, has been the James Bond series.

If you haven’t heard of Bond where have you been? It is one of the most successful British film franchises there has ever been, raking in over 1.9 billion in the worldwide box office over its 53 year existence. Now that is an achievement!

Not only is Bond an international man of mystery, he is a style icon whatever disaster situation he is in; he never loses control of his wardrobe. The creators of Bond wanted a character that was well dressed but did not stand out in a crowd (as a secret agent should). They wanted to really represent English culture within his style, creating something simple, elegant and timeless.

The Bond look has rarely changed over the years with minor tweaks to keep it up to date and to this day he remains a true style icon.

Here are just a few of our favourite Bond style moments:cl028-ballantyne-cashmere daniel craig] sean connery as bond

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