Knowvember – A Movember Fact Infographic

It’s November, and alongside the bangs and claps surrounding Guy Fawkes Night, there is a global event which is very well known and transforms people lives not only for the full month, but for many years to come. This event as we all know, is called Movember.

We Moustache you a question…

We all know that the Movember movement leads to men ditching the razors and growing out their ‘taches, or perhaps taking it a step further and growing something which requires excessive hair fertiliser,  however the actual facts and reasons behind the charity remain largely unknown. So how much do you actually know about Movember?

Did you know that over £346 million has been raised in just over 10 years?

Do you know what the money is actually raised for?

Do you know who has the longest moustache in the world?

We have collected all of the information you need about Movember and put it in our brand new infographic. Whether you’re taking part or just want to impress your mates with a few choice facts in the pub, there’s so much more to this event that meets the eye!

Movember Infographic - Frank Wright

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