How to make the best BBQ ribs

Barbecue season is well and truly underway in the UK at the minute and what better way to spend the hot summer months than having a get together with friends and family?

We thought we’d share our top tips for making the best ever BBQ ribs to impress all your diners this season.

1. Cook low and slow! The secret to cooking tender bbq ribs is a long cooking time over a low temperature – never exceed 300 degrees as this is too hot for tenderizing. For perfectly tender ribs cook between 250-300degrees as any lower than 250 degrees and you could risk drying the meat.

2. Season the night before. Doing this will ensure you give enough time to fully penetrate and flavour the meat.

3. Don’t add sauce until the ribs are done. You can tell when the ribs are cooked by lifting up the rack in the middle a bit, if the meat threatens to split in 2 then they are ready. When they are done, heat the grill up to medium, add the sauce and grill for a few minutes.BBQ

And that’s it you’re done, so get out there and enjoy a great afternoon.

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